Top ways to reduce procrastination when studying online

Education plays a key part in all our lives and is the basis for learning what we need to know in order to get through it. Education also plays a vital role in our ability to carve out a rewarding career in the field we want. This is especially true when it comes to higher education courses, which teach us what we need to know before embarking on the career path we choose.

A good example of this is the Spalding University master’s of social work program. This is a top-level academic course from one of the most respected universities around and prepares you for a career in social work. Many people now will choose to study for the qualifications they need via convenient, high-level and flexible online courses.

One thing to be careful here though is avoiding the temptation to procrastinate when studying online. How can you do this?

Eliminate environmental distractions

One of the best tips for keeping your mind on your studies when committed to online learning is eliminating any environmental distractions. This could be anything from not having the TV on in the background to not having the kids in the same room as you study. Getting rid of distractions such as this will help you focus on your studies and actually get on with the work you need to be completing.

Be careful of online distractions

As well as eliminating distractions in your study environment, it also makes sense to keep online distractions at bay. Social media sites are a major danger here and you should not be checking on them when trying to study. If you do, you will find yourself putting off your studies and spending more time catching up on the latest celeb gossip instead! For the same reason, it also pays not to be surfing the web when trying to work and not taking regular breaks to catch up on the latest online news.

Get organized and get going!

Procrastination can be all too common when studying on an academic course and can see you putting off working on that key assignment or catching up on online classes. One top tip to avoid it is to make sure that you are organized and plan out what you need to do in your study session first.

Spending a few minutes doing this at the start of your session means that you know what you have to get through and do not spend all your time thinking about what you need to cover. Another very important tip once you know what you should be doing is simply to get going with it! Many people procrastinate because they spend too much time thinking about what they should be doing – and not enough time doing it!

Beat procrastination when studying online 

There is no doubt that studying online is becoming more popular and comes with a host of unique benefits. It is also true to say though that studying in your own time and in your own space can sometimes lead to procrastination. If you need a few tips on how to combat this, then the above should help.